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Drive and increase incremental sales with a value added electronics trade-in solution. In today's marketplace, where you are surrounded by increased competition, price-conscious customers and "being green", there has never been a more prominent need for a true business partner focused on the proper trade-in of your store's electronics.

You can address all of these issues through a Retail Trade-In Platform powered by BuyBackWorld, where customers are given incentives to trade-in their used consumer electronics for additional spending power with you. These programs not only accelerate your sales, they also increase customer loyalty while providing an eco-friendly route for your customers and business.

How It Works:

BuyBackWorld wants to help you recycle/reuse every single piece of consumer electronics your store receives – whether it's new, used or broken! We do the work while you reap the benefits

Instore Trade-In

Drive foot traffic to your store by offering trade-in values for your customers' old electronics. Your customers simply bring in their old electronics and receive an instant rebate or your branded gift card for the trade-in amount. They can then use this money to buy new electronics, including high margin add-ons and accessories, helping you double or even triple your profits.

  • Accelerate Sales
  • Speed Up the Purchase Decision
  • Advantage Over Your Competitors
  • Peace of Mind
  • Easy to Implement
  • FREE to Use
Customers visit your store to upgrade to the latest and greatest tech
You take their old devices and turn it into instant store credit or cash
Everybody wins! Customers get new devices quicker and you increase sales
Our Retail Trade-In Platform is a web-based open API
application which easily integrates
into your POS Software
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"The Retail Trade-In Platform has not only allowed us to bring in more customers, it has allowed us to provide a higher level of service to all of our customers – both existing and new. The best part about the platform is the speed at which we were able to implement it – one day we didn't have a trade-in program and the next day we did!"

Why Use Us? has long pioneered the consumer electronics buyback space and has serviced over 100,000 trade-ins to date. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to leverage our existing relationships within global markets to recover the most value from your old electronics and pass those savings on to you and your customers for a best-in-class trade-in experience.

Beyond that, our Retail Trade-In Platform offers the following benefits

Free & Quick Process

BuyBackWorld is FREE and easy to use. We know you're busy so we've simplified the online process of getting cash for your used electronics

Turn-Key Web-Based Solution

Our Retail Trade-In Platform takes care of everything from pricing to shipping to reporting and final payment. Since our software is completely web-based there's nothing to download and we can have you up and running in minutes.

Instant Online Quotes

We offer some of the highest payouts in the industry so your customers will always leave with a fair deal. In fact, our payouts are so high they leave extra room for you to increase your revenue share of the profits.

Secure Data Removal

BuyBackWorld maintains first-in-class security standards and practices for eradicating and protecting your private and confidential data. Our high security work environment is under 24/7 surveillance and our processes have been meticulously designed to uphold the utmost protection of your confidential information

Scalable & Modular Solutions

Our software allows you to set up permission-based access to create and set the credential privileges for each employee in your organization. Since we give you full control to create, delete, and edit employees and their access levels, you can scale up or down at any time using our software

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

We offer the industry's best reporting – allowing you to completely customize and filter everything by intake date, device type, serial number or IMEI. All of our reports also offer flexible export formats such as CSV and PDF files for complete integration.